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 Post subject: DNS (Domain Name Servers) management
PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2005 3:51 am 
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1 ) What is an A record?
An A record, also called an Address record, binds a domain/subdomain name to an IP address. If there is a server on the Internet that is configured to handle traffic for this domain, you can enter the name of the domain (e.g. "") and the IP address of the server (e.g. ""), and anyone surfing to that domain connects to the correct host.

2 ) What is an MX record?
MX records, also called Mail eXchange records are used to specify what server on the Internet is running e-mail software that is configured to handle e-mail for your domain. If you want to handle routing of the e-mail for your domain to you personally or let your ISP do this, you need to specify the domain name or the IP address of your ISP's mail server.

3 ) How can I modify my A or MX records?
A records and MX records can be modified from the Custom DNS records section of the Control Panel. Just enter the desired IP address or mail server address in the corresponding field and click Change.

In case you'd like to reset an A record to our server's default IP address or an MX record to our server's default mail server address, just hit the Reset button, corresponding to this record.

4 ) Which name servers (DNS) should I use?
The correct DNS settings are listed in the Hosted Domains section of the Control Panel.

5 ) How to change the DNS records of my domain?
When you register a domain name, the domain registrar company usually provides you with an account for managing this domain name. You can use this account in order to change the DNS records, the Whois information, etc.

If you do not have such an account, you must contact your domain registrar company with a request for a change of the name servers.

If you have registered your domain with us and you want to change your DNSes please contact us via the ticket system or at

6 ) Is it necessary to change my domain's DNS?
Yes. As part of the application process two domain name servers are required to link to your domain name. When you sign up for our hosting service, we file an application on your behalf using our server information. There is no additional charge using our domain servers.

If you have registered the domain from your control panel or during the sign up process you will not need to set the DNSes manually, they will be set automaticly.

7 ) How does the DNS work?
The domain name system (DNS) enables each computer connected on the Internet to be identified by a domain name. Every computer on the Internet has a unique IP (Internet protocol) address, which consists of a string of numbers. Since the IP addresses can be difficult to remember, the DNS allows a familiar string of letters (the 'domain name') to be used instead of the IP address. So instead of typing the string of numbers of the IP address, you can type, for example, ''

8 ) What is DNS?
DNS stands for Domain Name System and is the system that computers use to find information on the web. Domain names are registered with a central organization in each country and each domain name is associated with two DNS servers, a primary server and a backup server.
When someone types in a Domain Name into a web browser their Internet Service Provider's (ISPs) DNS computer looks into its cache for an IP (Internet Protocol) address associated with that domain name. If the ISP does not have an entry cached it sends a lookup query which returns the DNS location associated with the domain name back to the ISP. Once the ISP's computer finds the IP address it can access the web site.

Read the F.A.Q. before asking a question!

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