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[script] Add An Arcade To Your 100webspace site
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Author:  jcink [ Tue Apr 19, 2005 11:45 pm ]
Post subject:  [script] Add An Arcade To Your 100webspace site


Okay, first up, I'm new here at the forums. I read the guidelines, and I'm not sure If what I'm about to post is advertising or is in the wrong forum. Tried to do my best. If a mod or admin feels that this needs/removal deletion please do so. But I just wanted to post this here, especially since I have the directions formatted specificially for here.

This is A PHP/MySQL powered arcade called PHP-Quick-Arcade that I have created. It works with flashgame, and sends highscores. Instead of putting regular flash games on your page, this is a lot more fun. Users can compete against eachother for the highest score. Overrall, it adds more interactivity to you web site.

Some Features Of Arcade:
HIGHSCORES - Comes with 7 Highscored games, and more are available.
Comments in highscore tables
Cookies that store a users username when submitting
Organization of games into catagories
Set number of games to appear per page automatically.
Ban control
Upload games right from arcade CP! (Safe mode on/off switches for uploading games included).
Deletion of scores,and shoutbox shouts.
Easy-To-Design CSS
Password storing for ACP (so you don't have to type it over and over).
Help base
version check
Comes with 7 games, and many more with highscore capabilities can be added!
Comes with a shoutbox that works with arcade!
Shoutbox online/offline
Shout arcade scores
shout when adding a new game
Delete shouts quickly thru Arcade CP
- so much more!!

There's a preview here and it shows the games we currently have to offer.

To install this on your site. You need:

Download the Full Package: Here first.


Download install guide: here

The installation guide contains pictures of the 100webspace control panel so it guides you step by step. You probably already have a 100webspace account, so skip the part where it shows you how to get one.

After finally installing, you'll be done. You should skip this part:

Installing onto your InvisionFree / other Invision forum (including IPB):

or do it if you have an Invision Power board if you like.Many do this part when they have a forum, so they can add games to it) There's also phpBB directions, but they're not by me.

Q & A:

Q: isn't it illegal to be using flash games made by others like this?
A: It would be- but we ask permission or the are open source. Each game was been asked for. We don't steal flash games, we ask if we can use them and post them for others to download. For example, the author that made the first 6 games in the pack says we're allowed to download his games from neave.com/games/ modify and redistribute - without asking him. Flasteroids, the other game, was found on the persons website full source code provided "Free for use!" So as you can see we aren't theifs or anything.

Q: does it waste a lot of band-width?
A: it depends on your traffic, and how many are playing the games. Yes, it's going to eat more bandwidth though. The flash files themselves are what eat the bandwidth - not the arcade. but it really all depends on your traffic. You may have 60 games, and only 2visitors. If it's only them that really shouldn't eat a lot of bandwidth.

note: quickarcade is not endorsed by or sponsored by 100webspace.

If you have questions for me about it, or want to know anything please post here. Also I'll try to give support if you get stuck on the install.


P.S. Again, if this is in the wrong place, or is advertising or something, I apologize. I just wanted to share this with everybody, but if you need to delete it, please do.

Author:  Fhajad [ Wed Apr 20, 2005 9:49 pm ]
Post subject: 

This is the right place. And thanks for shareing this with us. I'm going to install very soon.

Author:  Hubi [ Thu Apr 21, 2005 11:51 am ]
Post subject: 

Take a look at http://forum.100webspace.com/viewtopic.php?t=987

g) Advertising by means of a new thread, or posts that are deemed too aggressive will be deleted, and author of thread or post will be warned.

its ok , i will keep it here , just dont make it too aggressive next time :D

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