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Author:  Oliver [ Mon Feb 21, 2005 4:01 am ]
Post subject:  File Manager

1 ) To access a directory, click on its name.

To go up a level in the directory field, click Uplevel or the icon with an arrow in it, pointing up.

Pressing the Top Level button will take you to your account's main directory.

2 ) How to select files or directories inside the File Manager?
To mark a file or directory, you have to check the box in front of this file or directory.

To mark or unmark all files use Check all or Clear all buttons.

3 ) How to Delete, Rename, Copy, and Move files or directories?
To do these operations, simply check the box corresponding to the file or directory you'd like to manage and click the command button.

It is not recommended to delete the originally created directories (mail/, sys/, www/), since they store important files, needed for your account's correct functioning. These directories are hard to restore and their correct functioning, even after restoration, is not fully guaranteed.

4 ) How to Change Permissions of a file or a directory?
In order to do this, check the box corrsponding to the file or directory and choose its permissions using the drop-down menu. Then just click Change.

Please note that .php, .cgi, .pl files must be executable. You must chmod 755 them in order to run on our servers.

5 ) Can I edit the contents of a file using the File Manager?
Yes, you can. Next to each file, which can be edited, under the Type column, you will see an icon in the form of a paper sheet. Click on the icon to view and edit the file's contents.

6 ) How to create a directory or a file using the File manager?
Simply type in the name of the directory or file (incl. the file extension) in the box next to the Create folder or Create file field. After that just click the corresponding button.

7 ) How to upload my files using the File manager?
To upload a locally stored document, simply follow these steps:
First of all you must go to the directory where you'd like the file to be uploaded.
To upload the files, you have to type in the local path to the document (for example - C:\My Documents\file.ext) or use the [Browse...] button to locate the file.

After you have selected the files, click the Upload button. A maximum of 5 files can be uploaded simultaneously.

8 ) I have uploaded a file successfully, but it is not there, what should I do?
This usually happens with files bigger than 2MB. The File Manager has file size limit of 2MB - for bigger files use ftp.

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