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SQL Databases
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Author:  Oliver [ Mon Feb 21, 2005 3:56 am ]
Post subject:  SQL Databases

1 ) How to connect to my MySQL database? What settings do I need for my script?
The correct MySQL database settings are:

MySQL Host: your server name (this is the server listed in the Manage SQL Databases section of your web hosting control panel)
MySQL Port: 3306
MySQL Database: your database name
MySQL Username: your database name
MySQL Password: your database password

IMPORTANT: You must be logged in to your web hosting control panel in order to be able to access the phpMyAdmin! Otherwise your login information WILL be rejected!

2 ) How to access my database online?
Go to the phpMy Admin section of the Control Panel and click on the database name in order to proceed to the login screen. Then use the following:
Username: database_name
Password: the database password you have assigned

3 ) I want to learn how to use the MySQL database. Where I can find more information?
There is a very good MySQL tutorial located on their own site. Please read it for more details. The tutorial is located here: http://www.mysql.com/documentation/mysq ... orial.html.

4 ) Do you support Microsoft SQL or Microsoft Access databases?
Our servers run Linux, which means we're unable to install Microsoft SQL server on them.

5 ) Is MySql database compatible with FrontPage?
No, it is not.

6 ) I cannot connect to my databases from my computer / another server, why?
Remote connections to MySQL are not allowed. You can access your database only via the phpMyAdmin tool on your control panel or from a script on the server.

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