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 Post subject: Mailing Lists
PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2005 3:35 am 
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1 ) General description of the mailing lists system
Majordomo is an automated system, which allows users to subscribe and unsubscribe to mailing lists, and to retrieve files from list archives. In order to create a mailing list you ought to have an active domain name with our service.

You can interact with the Majordomo software by sending it commands in the body of mail messages addressed to

Please do not put your commands on the subject line - only in the message body! Majordomo does not process commands in the subject line.

You may put multiple Majordomo commands in the same mail message. Put each command on a line by itself.

If you use a "signature block" at the end of your mail, Majordomo may mistakenly believe each line of your message is a command; you will then receive spurious error messages. To avoid this, either put a line starting with a hyphen ("-") before your signature, or put a line with just the word:

2 ) Finding out which lists are on this system
To get a list of publicly-available mailing lists on this system, put the following line in the body of your mail message to :

To get more information about a particular list, use the "info" command, supplying the name of the list. For example, if the name of the list about which you wish information is "maillist-name", you would put this line in the body of the mail message:
info maillist-name

3 ) Subscribing to a list
Once you've determined that you wish to subscribe to one or more lists on this system, you can send commands to Majordomo to add you to the list, so you can begin receiving mailings.

To receive list mail at the address from which you are sending your mail, simply type "subscribe" followed by the list's name:
subscribe maillist-name

If you are sending the request from another mail account, but wish to receive list mail at your personal account (for which we will use as an example), you would put the following line in the mail message body:
subscribe maillist-name

A message will be sent to the address to be subscribed (which may or may not coincide with the one you are currently using) containing the key, and directing the user to send a command found in that message back to .

Upon subscribing, you should receive an introductory message, containing list policies and features. Save this message for future reference; it will also contain exact directions for unsubscribing. If you lose the intro mail and would like another copy of the policies, send this message to :
intro maillist-name

4 ) Unsubscribing from mailing lists
Your original intro message contains the exact command, which should be used to remove your address from the list. The command is:
unsubscribe maillist-name

To remove an address other than the one from which you're sending the request, give that address in the command:
unsubscribe maillist-name

In either of these cases, you can tell to remove the address in question from all lists on this server by using "*" in place of the list name:
unsubscribe *
unsubscribe *

5 ) Finding the lists to which an address is subscribed
To find the lists to which your address is subscribed, send this command in the body of a mail message to :

To find which users at are subscribed to which lists, you should send the command

6 ) Finding out who's subscribed to a list
To get a list of the addresses subscribed to a particular list, you may use the "who" command, followed by the name of the list:
who maillist-name

7 ) Retrieving files from a list's archives
To find out if a list has any files associated with it, use the "index" command:
index maillist-name

If you see files in which you're interested, you may retrieve them by using the "get" command and specifying the list name and archive filename.
get maillist-name profile.form
get maillist-name maillist-name.9611

8 ) Getting more help
To contact the owner of a specific list, for instance, to contact the list owner for , you would send mail to:

To get a copy of the help message, send mail to with a line in the message body saying:

9 ) How to send an e-mail to all mailing list subscribers?
In order to send an e-mail or a newsletter to all mailing list subscribers you must:
1. be a member of this mailing list
2. send an e-mail to the address of the mailing list. For example:

10 ) How mailing lists work?
An e-mail address must be created in the Mailing Lists Manager section of the Control Panel. For example:
This will be the address of the mailing list. It can not be accessed and checked as a regular e-mail address. Its pure function is to receive a message and to transmit this message to all mailing list subscribers.

In the mailing list there is an Admin mail, which is the e-mail address of the administrator of this mailing list.

The rest of the e-mails in the list will be those of its members. These e-mail addresses can be added or removed by subsctibing or unsubsctibing. Check the rest of the FAQ for more information on these operations.

In order to send an e-mail to the mailing list, you must be the administrator or at least a member of this mailing list. Each e-mail message from the administrator or any of the members is being processed by the mailing list and sent to all its subscribers.

When a subscriber replies to this e-mail message, the reply will be sent back to the sender of the original message only. Of course, there is a possibility for each mailing list to be reconfigured such that all replies will also be transmitted to all mailing list subscribers.

11 ) What is a mailing list?
Using this service, you will be able to send e-mails to multiple recipients, included in this list.

In order to create a mailing list you must complete the following steps:
1. In the Maillist field add the name of the list and choose a domain from the drop-down menu. This will be the address of the mailing list from where you will send your newsletters.
2. Type your desired password in both password fields.
3. In the Admin mail field you must add a valid e-mail address which will be used for receiving information about the maillist settings, new members, etc. The admin mail and the password are required for the mailing list creation.

12 ) Does my plan have mailing lists and if so how many?

Free hosting plan: no mailing lists included
Free hosting plan w/o banners: no mailing lists included
Personal package: 0 mailing lists included
Business package: 1 mailing lists included
Gold package: 2 mailing lists included
Platinum package: 3 mailing lists included

Read the F.A.Q. before asking a question!

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